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su.sana kids granola


su.sana kids granola

The mornings are getting colder again and we prefer to crawl a little deeper under our duvet when the alarm goes off. Getting the whole family showered, dressed, fed – and with all the necessary stuff – out the door to nursery and school in the morning is no small feat.

We’re happy to help make at least one of these tasks a little easier with the very first Italian granola for kids. This ensures that breakfast is arranged quickly and healthily (and without grumbling).


‘Every mealtime can turn into a true battle of the titans when your kids have a different idea about what constitutes a nutritious meal. And no worse time for difficult dining scenes than early in the morning. That is why I have developed a special children’s granola that is not only very tasty, but also very healthy. My granola is baked by hand by me and my family, and gives your kids everything they need in the morning, more than 1/3 of the daily recommended amount of fiber & protein (pretty nice if that’s already taken care of at breakfast!)‘ says Susan, founder and CEO of su.sana superfood.

‘In addition, in accordance with good Italian tradition, we only use the best quality ingredients, such as date syrup and Ceylon cinnamon. To feed the superpowers of kids, there are dried cranberries, raisins and red ruby chocolate in this crunchy granola. From my kitchen, to your kitchen table.’


Kids granola
This is the recipe for our kids granola:

–       2 different types of nuts: hazelnuts & almonds

–       Flaxseed: for a healthy fiber intake

–       Rolled oats & puffed brown rice

–       a splash of date syrup & a sprinkle of true Ceylon cinnamon

Did you know that date syrup is not only giving a lovely sweet caramel taste to the granola but is also providing your kids with healthy vitamins & minerals, has antibacterial properties, a low GI and is high in anti oxidants. It is a little powerhouse that will give a slow release of energy to your kids during the day.

      After it comes out of the oven, we add the little bit for those super powers: dried cranberries, sultana’s and a few droplets of red ruby chocolate

Red ruby chocolate has this amazing pink color and a lovely strawberry and vanilla flavor. The chocolate is made from the naturally-occurring ruby cocoa bean, so no added flavourings, colouring, or additives.

Italian recipe
We believe that in order to have kids eat their breakfast it helps to make it a bit fun! That’s why we say that the small pieces of dried cranberries, red ruby chocolate and sultana’s will support your kids superpowers. 

We’ve made sure that the amount of these sweet treats is very much in proportion to  all the healthy ingredients: the nuts & seeds, the oats and the puffed brown rice. With the help of renowned nutritionist.

We only use the best quality ingredients and this granola is super crunchy, so feel free to leave out the yoghurt or the fact of eating it in the morning. It is an excellent little snack on its own when your kids need a bit of energy after school or during playdates.

It’s a family affair
Our granola is not produced in a big factory where it’s rushed through the system.
Every single bag is oven baked and hand packed by a family member, because su.sana superfood is a real family business.

Because after all, our core believe at su.sana superfood is that we want to produce food that is as nutritious and tasty as a home cooked Italian meal.

So just think of it like this: you basically get a homemade bag of granola without having to do anything yourself. It even gets delivered to your doorstep.


Our granolas is gluten free. Please be careful though, as oats by nature can contain small amounts of gluten via cross contamination, and is therefor not suitable for kids with celiac disease.

The product may contain traces of other nuts – besides the ones listen in the ingredient list, and it can happen that small pieces of nut shells find their way into our granola.


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