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Thank you for your interest in our granola! We don’t know if you found us yourself or if you had an attentive customer direct you to us, but it is our pleasure to get to know you.

As you might have read, scrolling through our website, our granola is a really unique product. It has been born from the idea that ready-to-eat food should be without compromises in either nutrition or taste.

We’ve created a real Italian granola without compromises. It is as healthy as it is tasty. And consumers recognize this. We have a very high repurchase rate and the reviews and feedbacks are overwhelmingly positive.

Our packaging has a completely new approach for this category. We clearly list our ingredients on the front, because we believe that transparency is a key added value for customers nowadays. We all have little time when we shop, but we get more attentive to what we eat especially the ingredients used in ready-to-eat products.

Our granola, thanks to its contemporary packaging, is currently sold in grocery stores as well as boutique shops, hotels and concept stores.

If you’re interested and would like to understand more about the possibilities, we would love to talk to you.

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