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su.sana kids granola

the first Italian granola - for kids with superpowers

€ 11,90 / €5,95 per bag - our granola is sold per box of 2 bags

The first real Italian kids granola is a fact!

With a generous portion of flaxseed, almond & hazelnut pieces, this granola provides 4gr of fiber and 4gr of protein per serving (that’s more than 1/3 of the daily recommended intake for kids taken care of with breakfast). A super breakfast developed together with renowned nutritionists, that is not only very tasty, but secretly also very healthy.

All our products are:

  • Made with only natural ingredients of the highest quality, like Ceylon cinnamon and Bourbon vanilla powder
  • Great source of fibre & protein
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Packed with nuts & seeds

grazie mille & buon appetito!

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For kids

Our granola is super tasty and crunchy, and if you look closely you will find our special ingredients for all your superpowers in your breakfast: cranberries & red ruby ​​chocolate.

You only need to eat a few every morning so that your superpowers are ready to use all day long. (ps. We never tell you what your superpowers are, that’s a secret between us!)

For parents

Our granola is handmade by me and my family according to an Italian recipe. A traditional product that is not only healthy, but also incredibly tasty according to Italian tradition. We only use the best ingredients, such as Ceylon cinnamon and date syrup. Ruby red chocolate is naturally pink and therefore without added fragrances and flavors. With a generous portion of flaxseed and almond & hazelnut pieces, this granola provides 4g of fiber and 4g of protein per serving – and only 2g of added sugar. A super breakfast developed together with renowned nutritionists.

From my kitchen to yours, Suus

kids granola


kids granola

Ingrediënts: oats (44%), pure date syrup (10%), Ruby Red chocolate (10%), sunflower oil  (7%), almond pieces (6%), hazelnut pieces (6%), dried cranberries (4%), sultanas (4%), puffed brown rice (4%), flaxseed (4%), Ceylon cinnamon, salt


Our granolas is gluten free. Please be careful though, as oats by nature can contain small amounts of gluten via cross contamination, and is therefor not suitable for kids with celiac disease.

The product may contain traces of other nuts – besides the ones listen in the ingredient list, and it can happen that small pieces of nut shells find their way into our granola.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you might have;

Check out our recipes for some inspiration on how to eat your granola


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