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On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions

Where can I buy su.sana superfood granola?

Online: Don’t fancy leaving the house or carryin heavy bags? We will deliver our granola right to your doorstep! Buy it here:

More and more stores are stocking our product too, for which we are very grateful! We are still working on a store locator map, but for now, feel free to send a message to to enquire if there is a store near you where you can pick up our granola.

Ps. If you want your local store to stock us, just make sure to tell them about how great our granola tastes and give them our contact details to reach out to us!
Alternatively write us an email and we will get in touch with your local store.

Does su.sana granola contain gluten?

We use rolled oats in our granola which are gluten free. However, there is a chance of cross contamination. We therefore recommend that people with a gluten allergy or strong intolerance consult their doctor before consuming our products.

We kindly suggest you to have a look at our product pages for a complete list of ingredients used;

su.sana chocolate granola
su.sana coconut granola

For any further questions, feel free to contact us

Is su.sana granola vegan?

Our coconut granola is vegan friendly.

Our chocolate granola is not vegan friendly due to the use of Belgian milk chocolate shavings & chunks.

We kindly suggest you to have a look at our product pages for a complete overview of the list of ingredients used:

su.sana granola chocolate
su.sana granola coconut

Does su.sana superfood use GMO ingredients

No, the ingredients that we use in our granola are always non-GMO.

Do you add any sugar to your granola?

No, we do not add any sugar to our granola. The sugar is naturally occurring in our whole foods ingredients. In our case this is mostly date syrup.

The date syrup that we use is pure. That means that there is no sugar added there either.

So the perfect caramel sweetness that you taste in our granola is all from real food. This not only provides that lovely sweet hint, but also gives you a lot of added nutritional benefits. Dates are rich in dietarypotassium, fiber, iron and magnesium and are an excellent source of energy. Because of it’slow glycemic index the energy that you will get from the dates will last for a very long time.

So when you have your bowl of su.sana granola in the morning, it will sustain you for a good few hours until your next meal!

Is su.sana granola organic?

Our granola is not certified organic, but we work closely with our suppliers and have policies in place to ensure that the ingredients we use are of the highest quality.

I am not happy with the product I’ve received, what do I do?

First of all, our sincere apologies. We strive for each bag of granola to be of the highest quality possible and we want all of our customers to be happy.

Please know that we are not producing the granola in a big machine driven factory, but every batch is cooked by hand.

This means that it is an artisanal product and therefore not perfectly uniform like a machine produced granola.

If there is any reason you are not happy with our product, please contact me personally so I can help you further;

We also love to hear from you if you love the product as much as we do!

How do I store my granola after opening the bag?

First of all, congratulations for not eating the entire bag in one go – we get quite a few people ‘complaining’ about the addictiveness of the product!

After you open the bag, we recommend you seal it properly. The bag that our granola comes in is easy to close airtight after opening, using the little zipper on the top.

If you would like to store the granola in a different container, we suggest you put it in something that you can close airtight.

This way, the granola will stay good for weeks to come.

I am trying to buy your product online but it is not working?

Our apologies for any inconvenience you might experience during the buying process. And thank you for wanting to purchase our products, we are so excited!

Please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to make sure your purchase goes through as soon as

in which countries can I buy your granola?

Our web shop is currently set up for selling in: Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France & the UK.

If you want to order outside of these countries please write to us and we’ll see what we can do!

Why is your granola more expensive than the one I find in the supermarket?

The reason for this are the ingredients:

  • we only use a small percentage, around 30%, of oats in our granola. This means there is a lot of extra space for all the super tasty and healthy ingredients; all the nuts & seeds we add.
  • you will find that every bag contains roughly 30% of nuts & seeds. They are considerably more expensive than oats. But we simply feel that they make our granola the best one out there.
  • the fact is that our % of nuts & seeds is anywhere between 4-6x more then you would find in other granolas on the market.
  • as a binder and sweetener, we use pure date syrup as opposed to cheaper sweeteners that you find in some competitive brands.

The core idea of our founder was to bring the granola that she makes in her own kitchen in Italy, into your houses. Because she was tired of always having to make compromises when it came to store bought granolas; it was always a choice between taste or nutrition.

So she decided to transform her kitchen recipe into a commercial recipe that would have the same taste & nutritional value and would be as amazing as the one that she makes every week for her family.

That means that su.sana granola is a commercial granola that is exactly the same as the one that you would make at home. Meaning that we only use the best ingredients, lots of the good stuff and nothing of the bad.  It is all handmade in small batches. A real family run operation.

We decided, against market standards, to cut back on our own margins in order to still sell our products for a competitive price. Hopefully this will allow more people to purchase our products.

buy your su.sana granola here

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