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su.sana superfood box

the perfect box, all our products in one! handmade & oven baked in small batches.

€ 17,95 / €17,95 per box - 2x granola & 1x muesli

In our su.sana box you will find a bag of each of our products:

  • su.sana coconut granola
  • su.sana chocolate granola
  • su.sana muesli berries 

All our products are:

  • Made with only natural ingredients of the highest quality, like Ceylon cinnamon and Bourbon vanilla powder
  • Great source of fibre & protein
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Packed with nuts & seeds

grazie mille & buon appetito!

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what others say

“I made a batch of granola based on a recipe I found in the renowned food magazine Bon Appetit and I thought it was delicious. That is until Susan – ex global advertising director converted granola guru – sent me hers. In essence: hers was way better than mine.”
Sara Porrofood writer & former editor in chief of Food&Wine Italia

“I call her the next Nigella Lawson because she has a natural talent for cooking and creating dishes. Her granola is the best way to taste this talent – unless you are lucky enough to be invited to her house for a home cooked meal.”
Giuliano Baldessari
Michelin star chef & judge on Top Chef Italy

“Grazie mille su.sana superfood for a deliciously and nutritious granola!”
Mimi Thorrison
3x cookbook author and awarded food writer

“More, more, more”
Keita Chan
Susan’s 19 month old nephew who loves su.sana granola more than anything

grazie mille!

First of all, thank you for being interested in purchasing our granola & muesli. We are very proud of our products and we’d love for as many people as possible to try them.

Every bag is handmade in our small family run facility and we promise you it tastes exactly the same as the granola and muesli that our founder, Susan, makes in her own kitchen in Italy. Every batch follows her original recipes.

We are still a young company so we are celebrating every bag that gets ordered. And with every bag we pack, we hope you will love it as much as we do!


Coconut granola

oats (39%), date syrup (13%), sunflower seeds (7,5%), pumpkin seeds (7,5%), sunflower oil (7,5%), walnuts (6,5%), unsweetened dessicated coconut (5%), unsweetened coconut chips (5%), puffed rice (5%), almonds (4,5%), flaxseeds (3%), cinnamon, salt.

Chocolate granola

oats (36%), date syrup (13%), Belgian pure and milk chocolate chunks (7%), sunflower seeds (7%), pumpkin seeds (7%), sunflower oil (7%), walnuts (6%), puffed rice (5%) almonds (4%) flaxseeds (3%), cacao nibs (4%), cinnamon, salt

Berries muesli

oats (64%), dried cranberries (10%), sunflower seeds (6%), pumpkin seeds (6%), chia seeds (5%), almonds (3%), coconut blossom sugar (2%)  Ceylon cinnamon, Bourbon vanilla powder, sea salt


Both of our granolas and muesli are gluten free. Please be careful though, as oats by nature can contain small amounts of gluten via cross contamination. Our coconut granola and berries muesli is vegan.

The product may contain traces of other nuts, and it can happen that small pieces of nut shells find their way into our granola.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you might have;

Check out our recipes for some inspiration on how to eat your granola


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