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why it’s different


why it’s different

I hear you thinking; does the world really need another granola?

Well.. it does actually. It needs a granola that is the same as you would make it at home – If you would actually have time to do the shopping, take out those pots, weigh, mix and then slowly bake everything in the oven –
Unfortunately we don’t have time to do this every week, we wish we would, because the house just smells amazing whilst the granola bakes in the oven.

In the past we would go out to find the best tasting and healthiest granola out there in the shops. W tasted and tested a lot, found some bad ones, some that are reasonable and some that are pretty much ok.
However we never found that perfect combination of a healthy granola with an amazing taste, it was always still a compromise. And we don’t like to compromise if we don’t have to. Especially when it comes to our food.


The answer to why su.sana granola is different is pretty easy: it is exactly the granola that our founder, Susan, still makes in her own kitchen in Italy. The recipe is the same, the cooking procedure is the same, and the result, simple & clean; real Italian granola!.

How do you recognise a really good Italian granola? Let’s start with the ingredients.

As opposed to some other brands you find on the market, every bag of our granola consists of an amazing 1/3 of nuts & seeds. This is anywhere between 4 to 6x more than what you will find in other brands.

Now we all know that the nuts and seeds are the good bits in any granola, so in terms of flavour & health, this is important.

But we don’t stop there. We add a splash of date syrup, a hit of salt, and some real, Ceylon, cinnamon.
We don’t use cheap sweeteners but date syrup, a pure whole food ingredient: rich in dietary potassium, fiber, iron and magnesium and an excellent source of energy. Because of it’s low glycemic index, the energy that you will get from the dates will last for a very long time.

The date syrup beautifully caramelises the mixture and gives it that very special flavour together with the cinnamon. Not overly sweet, just perfect.

We bake everything in small batches in the oven. Rushing won’t do it any good, it needs time to develop all the flavours and come together. So we have a team of family members that take care of this.

Last but not least, and this is not a cheesy marketing line, we add love.

Have you ever wondered why Italian food is so tasty? Besides the great ingredients, it’s the real love and attention for the quality ingredients and the end product that adds something special.
su.sana granola is a real family run company, that means that every bag of granola has been baked, packed and send with love and care by a family member, with love. 

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