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why eat granola


why eat granola

Did you know that scientific studies have proven that eating a good breakfast can actually make you smarter1, kids and adults have a reduced risk of being overweight2 & it reduces the risk of diabetes by 24%3 ?

Now would you like to know what constitutes a good breakfast?

It should tick these 3 boxes:

  • high in fiber
  • high in protein
  • contain a low amount of sugar (no refined sugar)

With this in mind we have looked carefully at the nutritional values of su.sana granola to make it your ready-to-eat ‘good’ breakfast, the little power engine that will help you kick-start your day.

Our granola has the perfectly balanced combination of nuts, seeds and oats for fiber and protein.

As a sweetener we use pure date syrup, a whole food ingredient that provides the right amount of slow release energy for an energetic morning.

Eating the right breakfast is incredibly important, but don’t take our word for it, its importance has been scientifically proven.
To share with you a few facts, the possible consequences of not eating breakfast4 are quite impressive;

  • up to 75% higher risk of developing overweight/obesity
  • 27% higher risk of a heart attack
  • 18% higher risk of a stroke

Reasons enough we would think to never skip a healthy breakfast again.

We like to keep it simple
We bring you good food that the Italian kitchen is so famous for.
As the healthy food trends rage on and we get bombarded by new elixirs, powders and liquids to consume, we like to keep things simple.

In case you’re looking for the next super granola with magic dust that promises to smooth out your wrinkles from the inside, we’re afraid you have to keep on looking.

We however have made the perfect balanced breakfast for you that will give you energy to start your day, will combat that nagging ‘snack’ moment mid-morning and tastes absolutely delicious.

Exactly what you should expect from your breakfast, coming from an Italian kitchen.

With su.sana granola you get the best of both worlds: ready-to-eat granola that tastes amazing plus some extra free time on your hands to enjoy breakfast with your family or sit down and read the newspaper.

Why don’t you try it yourself and taste the difference? And please do let us know what you think!

Get inspired
You never have to get bored of our granola.

We have put together lots of different recipes for you, so your breakfast or afternoon snack never has to look the same again.
Except for the granola of course.

How about a sweet focaccia with seasonal fruit of a granola banana bread?
Or chocolate energy balls filled covered in hazelnuts and made in 5-minutes?
Make sure you check our recipes page for some amazing recipes.



1 The effects of breakfast and breakfast composition on cognition in adults. Adv Nutr 2016;7(Suppl):576S–89S.

2,3 Williams PG. The Benefits of Breakfast Cereal Consumption: A Systematic Review of the Evidence Base. Adv. Nutr. 5: 636S–673S, 2014

4 Chen GC et al. Nut consumption in relation to all-cause and cause-specific mortality: a meta-analysis 18 prospective studies. Food Funct., 2017

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