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Sunday brunch pots

Brunch must be one of my favourite meals of the week. First of all because it is not too early in the morning, I’ve really tried but I’m just not a morning person, and secondly because you can serve almost everything at brunch time. What’s not great about a meal where you can switch between savoury and sweet as many times as you like. And sip a glass of Franciacorta whilst you do.

When I’m serving brunch on a Sunday I like to put a lot of different dishes on the table that you can share and pick from. I’ll make some big sharing plates like a frittata, a nice plate with bright pink salmon and some waffles or pancakes. As a contrast to the sharing plates I always have a few bite size dishes too. A big favourite are my blini’s with mascarpone and prosciutto, and a little bit of freshly cracked pepper.

But one dish can of course never fail to be there: my Sunday brunch pots. They are very simple to make, but look absolutely stunning. For the ingredients & recipe see underneath.

Tip: you can make the portions of pots as big or as small as you like. For a big brunch where I am serving a lot of other dishes, I make small pots. Roughly 4-5 bites sizes.

But you can easily make these as a 1 dish treat for yourself on Saturday or Sunday morning. Just a big beautiful bowl of this goodness with a strong espresso and your weekend is off to a great start!

Buon appetito,


  • Greek yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt for a dairy free version)
  • 2 handfuls of frozen berries
  • real vanilla essence
  • pinch of salt
  • fresh seasonal fruit (ideally different types and colours)
  • su.sana granola coconut or chocolate (choose your favourite!)
  • your favourite Sunday morning music and no rush.. it is Sunday after all!


Simmer the frozen berries over a low heat for about 10 min, until the liquids have reduced a bit. Add a teaspoon of real vanilla essence & a pinch of salt to taste.

It is up to you on how to serve the berries; You let it cool down completely or use them lukewarm. I prefer the latter during autumn/winter time.

Take your most beautiful bowl, preferably glass so you can see all the nice colours & layers.

The first layer will be the berry compote. Then a layer of Greek yoghurt. The third will be your granola. And to finish the bowl you add all your beautiful fruit on top. Sprinkle a bit of granola for decoration and taste and it’s ready to serve. Buon appetito!

Ps. If you want to make it really fancy, you can do 2 layers of yoghurt, granola & berry compote. It will look amazing!

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