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Christmas gift box – limited edition

SU.SANA CHRISTMAS BOX - limited edition

€ 19,95 / €19,95 incl shipping

For all gourmets, food enthusiast, and aspiring star chefs, we have crafted the perfect culinary Christmas present. A chic  – limited edition – box that will definitely earn you some brownie points.

SU.SANA CHRISTMAS BOX – limited edition:

  • Italian artisanal granola: 1 bag of (vegan) coconut & 1 bag of triple chocolate
  • An Italian Christmas con la famiglia‘- a recipe book with three Italian Christmas breakfast recipes (2 out of 3 recipes use our granola as an ingredient, so they come in handy right away) – the recipe book is available in 3 languages: English/Dutch/Italian
  • a handwritten note with your personal message

All beautifully gift wrapped in a luxurious box

Buon natale a tutti!

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SU.SANA christmas box

A bottle of wine, or olive oil? Maybe a bodylotion or a scented candle..?

The bigger presents for family members might be sorted a bit quicker, but what about a – smaller – gift to the kind neighbour, the favourite teacher of your child, or your personal trainer? People that might have helped you stay somewhat sane this year, and that you would like to send a personal gift as a sign of appreciation. Most gifts under 20 euros feel rather small and impersonal, especially when they are delivered to somebodies house in a rather somber manner.

We have developed a limited edition Christmas box that will delight any food lover.

A beautiful luxuriously wrapped box with the recipe book ‘An Italian Christmas con la famiglia‘ and 2 bags of artisanal handmade Italian granola – a must try for anybody that loves good food. And we will add a beautiful handwritten card with your personal message to the receiver.

The recipe booklet contains 3 Italian breakfast recipes that are specially developed by our owner Susan. Two out of three recipes use our Italian granola, and all recipes are suitable for 2-8 people:

  • Gravad lax
  • Poached pears in red wine with a vanilla mascarpone cream & granola crumble
  • Sweet foccacia

All recipes are easy to make, ahead of Christmas morning, and never take more than 30 minutes of preparation time. Because we are all busy enough as it is in the kitchen around Christmas!

The recipe book is available in English, Dutch and Italian. 

How does it work
We will take all the effort of gifting out of your hands. There is just a few things we need from you in order to make sure everything arrives in good order:

1. Please be so kind to order as much in advance as possible, these Christmas boxes are very much a limited edition.
Secondly we want to make sure that – taking into account – the expected delivery rush for Christmas, we deliver your gift on time.
Therefor we will be able to take last orders for the boxes by Monday the 14th of December (or until sold out).
You can place your order anytime you like, the Christmas boxes will be delivered between the 15th – 22nd of December.

2. On the checkout page, please make sure to fill in the correct name and delivery address of the person that will receive the present.

3. On the checkout page in the ‘comments’ section, kindly leave the personal message that you would like us to handwrite on the card.

4. You can use the ‘comment’ box also to add anything specific we should know about the delivery.

5. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

christmas con la famiglia

“All the Italian breakfast recipes have been developed by me personally for this holiday season. Whether you are serving breakfast to your large family, or perhaps it is a more quiet affair with a loved one: Christmas is a time to raise your glasses and share good food. The recipes are suitable for both small or large parties and can be prepared up to 3 days ahead. On Christmas morning you just have to set the table, plate the dishes, light some candles, and you have your hands free to unwrap presents.

I’ve taken into account that between Christmas lunch and dinner, you might not want to have a heavy breakfast. Therefor these are all light dishes, but they will give your morning that little something festive.

Given that the upcoming Christmas holidays might ask again for a lot of creativity in the ‘kids activities’- department, these dishes are also very suitable to prepare together as a family. I personally test cooked the sweet focaccia with my 18 month old niece and it was a big success (it also took some persuasion not having her eat all the raw batter). Buon natale and buon appetito per tutti! From my kitchen to yours, Susan”

artisanal Italian granola

who is susan

Once upon a time, 36 years ago to be precise, there was a Dutch girl born in a small-town right on the German border. She always had a love for amazing food, fashion and beautiful things, so maybe it was destined she would end up in a country that appreciates all these things.

“After yet another rainy bike ride – getting completely soaked for the third time that day – I decided it was time to leave Amsterdam. A job offer was waiting for me in the land of sunshine and good food, so the decision was quickly made. My bags were packed in a few days and I moved to Italy at the end of 2012.

In Italy, I continued my career in advertising. Climbing the corporate ladder higher and higher, whilst the advertising campaigns became more expensive and the celebrities consequently more important. But after 12 years of spending more time in the air on planes than with two feet on the ground, I decided to take a sabbatical. I enjoyed life to the fullest, travelling extensively (for fun this time), eating amazing food and finally starting to exercise again.

By the end of 2017, I found myself ready to make yet another big change: I would start my own food company. Not an easy decision, being a Dutch girl in a country that lives and breathes amazing food. But I felt I had a great reason to do so, I had something to offer that didn’t yet exist: ready-to-eat food as healthy and tasty and a home-cooked Italian meal.”

what people say

“I made a batch of granola based on a recipe I found in the renowned food magazine Bon Appetit and I thought it was delicious. That is until Susan – ex global advertising director converted granola guru – sent me hers. In essence: hers was way better than mine.”
Sara Porro – food writer 

“I call her the next Nigella Lawson because she has a natural talent for cooking and creating dishes. Her granola is the best way to taste this talent – unless you are lucky enough to be invited to her house for a home cooked meal.”
Giuliano Baldessari – Michelin star chef & judge on Top Chef Italy

“Grazie mille su.sana superfood for a deliciously and nutritious granola!”
Mimi Thorrison – 3x cookbook author and awarded food writer

“More, more, more”
Keita Chan – Susan’s 19 month old nephew who loves su.sana granola more than anything 


Inside each bag, you will find 5 different types of nuts and seeds, a sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon and sea salt, a handful of oats and a dash of pure date syrup. All-natural ingredients, without added sugar or gluten, available in two different flavours: triple chocolate and (vegan) coconut. A truly artisanal product, su.sana granola is hand-baked and packaged by Susan and her Italian famiglia.

coconut granola

oats (39%), date syrup (13%), sunflower seeds (7,5%), pumpkin seeds (7,5%), sunflower oil (7,5%), hazelnuts (6,5%), unsweetened desiccated coconut (5%), unsweetened coconut chips (5%), puffed rice (5%), almonds (4,5%), flaxseeds (3%), Ceylon cinnamon, sea salt.

chocolate granola

oats (36%), date syrup (13%), Belgian pure and milk chocolate chunks (7%), sunflower seeds (7%), pumpkin seeds (7%), sunflower oil (7%), hazelnuts (6%), puffed rice (5%) almonds (4%) flaxseeds (3%), cacao nibs (4%), Ceylon cinnamon, sea salt


Both of our granolas are gluten free. Please be careful though, as oats by nature can contain small amounts of gluten via cross contamination. Our coconut granola is vegan.

The product may contain traces of other nuts, and it can happen that small pieces of nut shells find their way into our granola.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you might have;