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su.sana coconut granola


su.sana coconut granola

Italian recipe
The kitchen of our owner smelled of cinnamon for months, and the amounts of granola tested and consumed were real. She made countless amounts of batches in order to find the perfect combination of taste and nutritional value.

Nonetheless, it was all worth it. Because she developed the perfect recipe and cooking method in order to produce this Italian granola for everybody to taste.

Coconut granola
The base of our granola’s are always the same, this is what you will find in a bag of coconut granola:

–       At least 1/3 of nuts & seeds:
2 different types of nuts: walnuts, almonds
3 different types of seeds: pumpkin seeds, sunflowers & flaxseed

–       Roughly 1/3 of rolled oats

–       a splash of date syrup & a sprinkle of true Ceylon cinnamon and a little bit of salt.

–       To make sure everything is mixed together perfectly and baked to perfection, we add a bit of natural sunflower oil.

–       Our coconut granola is then given it’s unique taste by adding unsweetened desiccated coconut & coconut chips.

As with all our products, you will find the main ingredients listed on the front of the pack. No hidden artificial additions, just real food.


It’s a family affair
Our granola is not produced in a big factory where it’s rushed through the system.

Every single bag is oven baked and hand packed by a family member, because su.sana superfood is a real family business.
Our core believe at su.sana superfood is that we want to produce food that is as nutritious and tasty as a home cooked Italian meal.

So just think of it like this: you get a homemade bag of granola without having to do anything yourself. It even gets delivered to your doorstep.

Make sure to check out our ‘breakfast & brunch’ recipe section for some inspiration on how to eat your granola.
Since there are so many ways to use your granola in amazing breakfast dishes.


We are producing our granola without any wheat or grains, we only use rolled oats. Although rolled oats are by nature without gluten, there is a possibility of cross contamination.

Our coconut granola is vegan friendly.



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